Mahayagya being held for publicity of Manika Dham

8th Jan, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KANCHANPUR, Jan 8: A Hindu ritualistic performance of Maharudri Mahayagya is being held for the publicity of the religious and tourist destination of Manika Dham at Chure area in Jhalari Pipaladi Municipality, Kanchanpur.


The Baijyanath Dharma Sanatan Conservation Committee is organizing the Mahayagya at Baijyanath Temple Manika Dham. On the first day of the ritual, a pitcher rally was taken out, Mahayagya Organizing Committee's Gagan Raj Bhatta said.

The Mahayagya will see a daily ritualistic worship, recital of sermons, hymns and aarti (prayers with oil and butter lamps).

The Mahayagya will be held until January 12 by offering blessings and other Hindu ritualistic performances.

The Manika Dham, which holds religious significance since the ancient times, is surrounded by a jungle of Sal trees on all sides. The Dham – located 11 km north of the East-West Highway – has Siddhababa's ancient temple and a huge lake nearby.

The Manika Dham is named after a serpent god with Mani (a divine gemstone embodying luck and prosperity) living near the lake, according to local elderly citizens.