Mahbhir waterfall in Histan awaiting publicity

26th Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

MYAGDI , Dec 26 : The Mahbhir waterfall at Histan in Annapurna rural municipality -7, which has immense possibilities to be developed into a tourist attraction, is in the shadows due to lack of publicity.

Moreover, the spot lacks adequate tourism infrastructure although it is close to the Beni-Jomsom road. It is nearly 10 minutes' walk and can be seen from the road.

This cascade is very beautiful and attractive. Though hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists pass by the waterfall while travelling by vehicles on the road, the Mahbhir waterfall is without any visitors.

The waterfall is around 100 metres high at the foot of a hill. It is mesmerising to look at the cascading water, which also forms rainbow. "This is such a nice place with waterfall but it is in the shadows due to lack of infrastructures and publicity," Milan Garbuja, a local, said.

There is also a temple near the waterfall and it is believed that one's wishes are fulfilled when the person pays homage to the deity there. The waterfall also has religious importance.

Some tourists are so much attracted by the sight that they stop the vehicles and find time to walk up to the waterfall and take photos.

Tourism entrepreneurs have suggested developing the waterfall and the area around it into a tourism spot. They also say that canyoning can be operated there. The people living in the area would greatly benefit if it is developed into a tourist site by operating hotels and lodges and home stay service.