Manakamana Cable Car to add 3 gondolas within next three months

21st Sep, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 21: With the increasing flow of passengers, Manakamana Cable Car, the first commercial and existing ropeway in Nepal is planning to add three gondolas to its cable car system.

The company has estimated the cost for adding the gondolas at Nrs. 1 Crore and 22 Lakhs. Rajesh Babu Shrestha, Executive Director of Manakamana Cable Car Pvt. Ltd Informed that it is adding three gondolas as the flow of passengers has increased and the installations will be complete within three months.

“The gondolas are being added as we are unable to accommodate the current flow of passengers. We have already opened the LC to bring the gondolas,” Shrestha said..

After the installation of gondolas, the total number of gondolas at Manakamana Cable Car will reach 34. The- to- be added gondolas will carry additional 864 passengers on daily basis. Currently the cable car has the capacity to service 8,000 passengers daily. The cable car service, which came into operation 18 years ago, has serviced 1 Crore 27 Lakh people till date.

The cable car service, which began working on 8 Mangsir, 2055, gets around 10 Lakh passengers per year. The late Laxman Babu Shrestha had built the cable car service on the way to Manakamana Temple, which has a five-hundred year history of worship among Hindus.

“The Manakamana Temple is a chief religious destination of Nepalis as well as foreigners,” Shrestha said, “those who make a spiritual promise to Manakamana Temple keep coming back.” With the increased number of visitors, the company faces a compulsion to add gondolas to its system.

Shrestha said that the reconstruction of Manakamana Temple will be finished within some months and added that the flow of passengers will also increase with the completion. He said that many Indian visitors come to Nepal solely to visit Manakamana Temple.

A two-way ticket at Manakamana Cable Car costs NRs. 700 to the Nepali national. In recent times, the company has brought special packages in order to promote itself. It had brought a special package with collaboration from nearby hotels nearly a year ago.

The flow of passengers, which had gone down due to the sohrashradha (Hindu death ceremonies), is starting to pick up again. As the flow of passengers is set to increase again in Dashain, Shrestha expressed a commitment to better organize the cable car service.