Mangal Bahadur Rokaya becomes winner of 'IME at home - let's win Rs 1 lakh' scheme

19th Jul, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 19: Mangal Bahadur Rokaya becomes the winner of scheme called 'IME at home - let's win Rs 1 lakh' which was introduced by IME Limited. Rokaya wins 1 hundred thousand rupees from lucky draw.

IME Limited had introduced 'IME at home - let's win Rs 1 lakh' to spread the message that remittances can be easily received without leaving the house considering the effects of Corona virus (Covid (19)). In general, remittances made within Nepal or remittances from abroad can be collected by going to an agent, but now there is a risk of infection when you cant go out, so this service-oriented scheme was made public so that people can get the money on your mobile phone.