Mata Tirtha Aunsi -Mothers Day (Photo Features)

27th Apr, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: Mata Tirtha Aunsi or the Mother's Day is being observed across the country and abroad by Nepalis by showing respect and reverence to their mothers, offering gifts and various delicacies.

The day falls on the New Moon Day in the Nepali Month of Baisakh according to the lunar calendar. Living mothers are offered gifts consisting of delicacies while ritual offerings are made in the name of the deceased.

Devotees also throng the Matatirtha pond, a place to the western part of Kathmandu, for a holy dip to pay homage to the departed mothers. Although it is Hindu tradition, Buddhists also flock to perform 'Shradda' for their departed mothers.

Mothers apart, mother-in-law, female mentor and aunties are also presented gifts on this occasion.