Med5 Restaurant starts operation in Lakeside

16th Mar, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, Mar 16: A well-facilitated restaurant is starting operation in Lakeside, Pokhara. The Med5 Restaurant is a Mediterranean restaurant being operated by 30-year tourism business veteran, Basanta Gautam. The restaurant has been built at the investment of Rs. 100 million at Gaurighat, Lakeside.

Gautam had previously been operating Temple Tree Resort and Caffe Concerto Restaurant. The new restaurant will feature foods from 5 Mediterranean countriies, hence the name. "Dishes from Italy, France, Spain, Greece, and Turkey are being focused on in the restaurant," he said, "we will be providing dinners and lunches as per order, and various Nepali dishes as well."

The restaurant can serve 180 people at any one time. "The food will be prepared from a high-tech kitchen," said Gautam. The kitchen has been built with materials from Italy. The open kitchen configuration will allow customers to see their orders being prepared in front of them.

The bakery also has a bakery and offers ice cream. The three storeys of the restaurant have each been branded with a different focus. The ground floor serves coffee, the first floor has the kitchen and the restaurant, while the top floor is targeted for private parties.