Midas Technology provides online appointment services through mobile application

22nd Nov, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 22: Midas Technology, developed by Midas Technology, operated by IME Group, has made it possible for hospitals to make online appointments through mobile applications for long-term treatment and consultation with physicians.

The service is currently being provided by Bir Hospital, Civil Service Hospital and Manmohan Cardio. The online appointment service is expected to facilitate the hospital's OPD service and increase patient satisfaction. Patients will be able to make their own appointments and pay online, which will save them time and hassle of going to the hospital.

To avail these services, one can also use the mobile application of the concerned hospital or the online OPD of the mentioned hospital through Midas Technology's My Doctor mobile app and web (merodoctor.com). The company believes the service will be effective during the global Corona pandemic.