Mini Fewa Lake awaiting due recognition

16th Feb, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

MYAGDI, Feb 16: The Daha lake in Barangja VDC of Myagdi district has not got its due recognition due to lack of publicity and required physical infrastructure development.

Also known as 'mini Fewa lake' after the widely popular Fewa lake of Pokhara, it is equally attractive and mesmerizing but has been overshadowed for lack of publicity and attention of the concerned authorities, say the locals.

The lake is of both religious and touristic importance. The Baraha temple at the midst of the lake is its special attraction, says local youth Prakash Sapkota.

The lake however receives a large number of devotees on the occasion of Balachaturdashi every year. However, it is almost vacated in other times.

The lake could become a popular religious and tourist site provided necessary physical infrastructure is developed and publicized at the district and national level, the locals says.