Minister Ale insists on operation of Majhgaun Airport

12th Jan, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

MAHENDRANAGAR, Jan 12: Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Prem Bahadur Ale has stressed the need for operating the Majhgaun Airport in Kanchanpur district. 

While addressing a project for upgrading the airport based in Mahendranagar on Wednesday, Minister Ale said that bringing the airport back into operation was essential in view of touristic importance. The airport that has remained closed for over the past two decades would have a four-lane access road, he shared. "Its area will also be expanded during the upgrade."

He took time to highlight the support from the local and provincial governments to complete the Rs 456 million project on time.

The airport was in operation for 26 years: from 2030 BS to 2056 BS. The deadline for completing the project is three years.