Minister Ale's announcement to tighten the purchase of old aircraft is strongly opposed by the airline

17th Jun, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, June 17: The airlines have strongly protested against the decision of the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Prem Aal, to reduce the purchase time of old aircraft. He said that the minister's statement was arbitrary, impractical and irrational and urged the Prime Minister not to implement it.

Writing a letter to the Prime Minister on Friday, the president of the Airline Operators Association said. Rameshwar Thapa said that the minister had given a one-sided statement without any dialogue. Earlier, speaking in Parliament on June 15, Minister Ale had said that the government was going to make rules to prevent the purchase of pressurized ships after 10 years and non-pressurized ships after 15 years. This rule has been in force for 15 and 20 years now.

Thapa said that every part of the plane has a fixed cycle and duration and that the letter of international standards has been followed. He said, "A  plane accident can never be compared to the age of a plane. When you look at the investigation report of every accident, everything is clear." The airline operators say that if such a rule is implemented, the passengers will be burdened, saying that the cost of air service has increased at a time when the exchange rate of dollars is increasing due to the high cost of aviation fuel.