Minister Karki stresses development of Ayurvedic medicine

3rd Feb, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: Speakers at a programme in the capital city have stressed the need of commercial development of the Ayurvedic medicine and treatment.

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"As the Ayurvedic treatment is Nepal's ancient method of treatment, it should be protected and promoted," Minister Karki said, adding that the use of anti-biotic was gradually creating adverse effects on health, so the natural herbs should be protected for Ayurvedic medicine. Proper use of medicinal herbs can boost up economic activities too, he hoped.

Lawmaker Rajendra Pandey expressed worry that the trade of medicinal herbs was focused more for personal income rather than developmental purpose.

Another lawmaker Guru Prasad Burlakoti argued that Nepal was yet to gain expected development because of tremendous bureaucratic hassles to register industries.

Naya Shakti Party leader Kalpana Dhamala said quality of herbal products should be boosted for better marketing.

Director General at Drug Administration Department under the Health Ministry, Narayan Dhakal, said time has come for the country to develop Ayurvedic medicine and treatment as industry.

Moreover, Director General at Singh Durbar Vaidyakhana, Dr Rajendra Prasad Giri, said the State should encourage the companies producing Ayurvedic medicines.

Former Director General at the Department of Ayurveda, Devkala Bhandari, pointed out the need of establishing processing centre to produce Ayurvedic medicine. According to her, still 30 percent of Nepalis use Ayurvedic medicines, so commercial security is essential.

Association Chairman Binod Poudel also pointed out the need of unlocking the potential of Ayurvedic medicine in the country.