Minister of Aviation demands completion of Gautam Buddha Airport within 1 year

8th Apr, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

BHAIRAHAWA, Mar 08: The Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, Rabindra Adhikari has given strict instructions to complete the Gautam Buddha International Airport within one year.

On a recent visit to the airport location, Minister Adhikari inspected the construction process and pressurized to complete the second international airport within one year as the project is strongly connected to Nepal's national pride.

"This is a subject connected with the nation's prestige. The government is ready to provide any support necessary for speedy completion of the project," said Adhikari.

Minister Adhikari also referred to the ongoing problem of aircraft overcrowding at the Tribhuvan International Airport, saying, "This government has come with a new mandate, and while there may have been tolerance for inefficiency, that won't be the case anymore."

The Asian Development Bank has also put the condition that the project must be 50% completed by coming June, for which Minister Adhikari reminded that only 70 days remain. He added that the work must move forward with day-to-day planning, evaluation, and conclusion for maintaining strong pace of work. He has instructed to aim for 60% completion by the time mandated by ADB.

He has requested to start present three 15-day reports, two 10-day reports, and one 5-day report to plan for the coming 70 days. The minister said that as many plans have failed at the last moment, the future work plans must be watched and assessed every day to check their success.

Project Chief of the Gautam Buddha Airport, Om Sharma, informed the minister that work has been progressing according to schedule. During the briefing, Minister Adhikari also spoke with representative from the contractor company, instructing to complete the project within one year, to which the representative gave an affirmative answer.

Currently, the terminal building, runway, administrative building, control tower, and water tanker are being constructed at a speedy pace. While the work has been slow in the past, the Chinese contractor company has committed to maintaining working days by bringing in workers from China. The construction is taking place with the operation year envisioned as 2019.