Minister Rabindra Adhikari focuses on establishing home stay to promote village

1st Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 01: Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Rabindra Adhikari said that the development of village depends on the tourists. He focused on establishing home stay in villages to attract the tourists by which we can make our economy stronger. 

As the government is trying to promote the tourism of the village, they have not taken any other charges except the registration and renewal fees.

He said that the government’s first choice is to improve the international airport. He also added that  the International Airport will be operated from 6 am from next month . He also said that 100 new tourism destinations will be discovered. Similarly, Former Minister also focused in the development of small infrastructures. Likewise Tekendra Bahadur said that proper plans should be discussed so that we can bring change in this tourism sector. President of TAAN, Navaraj Dahal also urged the government to focus on the unnecessary Tax and VAT in this tourism sector.

President of VITOF, Kamal Sapkota said that with the help of rural tourism we can uplift the living standard of the rural people , By small investments we can make big changes so we all should work hand in hand to make the tourism of the country more better.

In the occasion of Village Tourism Promotion Forum Nepal’s 22nd anniversary, Rabindra Adhikari requested the businessmen to be involves in tourism promotion. New President was also elected in following day. In the forum people involved in tourism sector and travel companies are there.

Dhurba Simkhada won the election and became the new President of VITOF Nepal. They have separated around 10 million rupees for the development of the village.