Mobile app introduced for red panda conservation

5th Oct, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

ILAM: A mobile app is being introduced in the mission to contain the growing incidents of smuggling of the endangered red panda.


The mobile app will be used in the effort for conserving and monitoring the red panda population in Ilam, Paancthar and Taplejung.

The forest rangers have been instructed to download the red pandas’ habitat, its trail, photos and other details into the app and share it with central office of the Red Panda Network, Nepal. The mobile app will come into use only at the jungles where the endangered species is found.

“Using the mobile will shorten the time duration of our work and it will also be effective,” Forest Ranger, Arjun Rai shared. The forest rangers work by drawing a circumference of 1000 square metres in the area where the red pandas are found.

At least two rangers keep surveillance over 1000 square metre area by marking each hundred metres with indicators to help them keep a better track.


The Red Panda Network, Nepal has been running community-based Red Panda Conservation Project since 2011. It has also started educational programmes to raise awareness on the need to protect the endangered species in the three districts.

It is estimated that around 250 red pandas are currently found in the three districts located at the eastern part of Nepal. RSS