MoCTCA gives 6 month deadline to submit foreign worker documents

19th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Feb 19: The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation has given a six month deadline for foreign labor working in Nepal's aviation sector to submit their work agreement, labor approval, and nontourist visa to the ministry.

Concerned airlines companies had to submit the documents within a year of publishing the vacancy advertisements.

According to a ministry official, the new provision has been brought after the tendency of hiring foreign workers without informing the ministry and using old advertisements to hire foreign workers increased among airline companies.

Some companies started to bring new workers showing advertisements of more than a year ago, " the official said. "The policy has been changed for the purpose of maintaining information about every foreign worker," he said. The ministry has recently issued such guidelines focusing on paragliding companies. According to the official, the policy has been changed in order to inform the government about each foreign worker. The ministry has recently issued such guidelines in the name of the paragliding companies.

Airline companies will now have to keep advertisements for 15 days while hiring foreign citizens in their organization. Within 6 months of the expiry of the advertisement, it will have to be submit work agreement, labor approval and recommendation of non-tourist visa to the Ministry. Earlier, this period was kept for 1 year.

While providing the details to the ministry, applicants should include the number of applicants, nationality and certified copy of applicants' registration.

In Nepal, airline companies should submit work agreement, labor approval and non-tourist visa to employ foreign workers for more than 3 months. The work agreement is obtained from the Home Ministry. The labor approval is obtained from the Ministry of Labor on the basis of which the Immigration Department provides the worker with the nontourist visa. For obtaining any of these documents, the provision requires recommendations from CAAN as well as the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Foreign workers employed for less than three months do not require a work agreement.

The demand for foreign workers is growing in the airports in Nepal. According to companies, with the addition of new airships, the number of engineers and pilots is lacking. Therefore, there is no option but to bring foreign workers. Raju Neupane, Secretary of Airlines Operators Association of Nepal, says workers must be arranged from abroad until technical manpower can be found in Nepal.

According to ministry sources, the company employing the highest number of foreign workers in Nepal is Himalayas Airlines, which owns three Airbus. Since Airbus has only recently entered into Nepal, there are a lack of Nepali manpower who can operate these aircraft, which forces airline companies to hire foreign manpower.

In addition, helicopter companies hire more foreign pilots in the tourism season. There are about 20-22 Nepali helicopter pilots. Secretary Neupane says that it costs 10 million to produce a helicoptor pilot, and a further 5 years to produce an experienced helicoptor pilot. This discourages Nepalis towards the helicopter pilot profession.