MoCTCA introduces new draft of Mountaineering Expedition Regulation

4th Mar, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Mar 04: The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation has introduced the fifth amendment to itsĀ Mountaineering Expedition Regulation under the Tourism Act 2074, with a new set of rules installed for the safety of mountain climbers.

The new rules mandate that a climber has to travel the distance from the basecamp to the peak of a mountain on foot, while going as well as returning from summit. With complaints regarding illegal trekking and mountain climbing operations, the new amendment also requires climbers to take at least one guide with them.

The new protocol also makes it easier for the registered company arranging mountain climbing expeditions to arrange porters and guides to the climbers, and also to insure the climbers and conduct health check-ups. Similarly, the new insurance amount for the mountain-climbing workers have also defined, as 1.5 million rupees for contact official, guide, and porter, and 800 thousand for workers at the lower base camps.

The new manual also allows mountaineers to take up to 15 handheld transceivers with them. Additionally, the manual also limits the amount of luggage that can be carried by climbers. Climbers are allowed to carry 20 kgs for climbing 5000-6000 meters, 17 kgs for climbing 6000-7000 meters, 14 kgs for climbing 7000-8000 meters, and 12 kgs for climbing above 8000 meters.

Director General of the Tourism Department, Dinesh Bhattarai, said that the new rules will make the mountaineering sector of Nepal safer, respectable, and more reliable. The new manual also acknowledges the needs and demands of the workers in the mountaineering sector, which will acknowledge their efforts and skills and make the mountaineering sector more organized, he said.

The newly updated manual has made arrangement for the mountaineering workers including high-altitude porters, guides, etc. to get mountaineering certificate as per their efforts for the first time. With this and the provision for life insurance of workers, the new manual has acknowledged the demands and needs of the mountaineering workers.

General Secretary of the Nepal National Mountain Guides Association, Tulsingh Gurung, said that the increase in the insurance amount for mountaineering workers is a positive and historical move. He added that the new rules could have been better if the provisions regarding third-person insurance had been better clarified.

Second Vice-President of Nepal Mountaineering Association, Maya Sherpa, said that the new rules implemented by the government, including those related to worker insurance, will have a positive effect in mountaineering.