Monasteries of Nepal awaits reconstruction

20th Jul, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 20 : It's already been two years since the monasteries of Nepal felt the tremor of the quake and are still to be rebuilt.

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There are about One Thousand Three Hundred Monasteries in Nepal among which about Nine Hundred and 93 got affected by the tremor. Though the foreign aid and commitment of 8.93 Billion rupees was made the reconstruction is still on hold.

The government till now has made the progress in dividing the damage level of the Monasteries and has allocated the money for the reconstruction. The 49 monasteries falling under the category "A" will get 10.5 million rupees for the reconstruction whereas category "B" 63 monasteries will get 8.2 million, 190 "C' category monasteries will get 7.1 million whereas "D" will get 6.1 million, "E" will get 5.1 million rupees for the total reconstruction. But the monasteries are protesting against it.