Monsoon: Seasonal reversal of wind accompanied by stories of devastation

8th Aug, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

As we all know that Monsoon usually brings in rain but it's not just a geographical phenomenon. With the change in patterns of wind, the month from April to August across the Asian continent sees rainfall and it mostly hits the pick in the South Asian subcontinent during July.

It's an annual function to see the roads being turned into river. The regular devastation of floods and landslides are evergreen pervasive. Coastal cities from South East Asia like Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh to Indian cities Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai sees the pale brown water dipping the city. So, waters are good when it's just jade, not when its brown. Especially,  China, Nepal and North India sees big or small floods.

Monsoon season has been fatal for humans in the Asian continent, specially living in the rural setting. It has just been an annual routine for floods to come, landslide to occur and few good humans and animals to leave this world. Saddening part is either mother nature is so cruel or the authorities of these region are not able to tame the monsoon madness. And the effects post monsoons are the mosquitoes and the mass diseases like malaria, typhoid, dengue that goes wildfire around the area. 

It has been part of human life in the Asian continent to expect floods and landslides along with monsoon. Apart from the disaster, for agriculturally rich continent like Asia, monsoon also determines the food production. Monsoon rains are in fact the livelihood for farmers up in the hills in Nepal and China where irrigation system is no so abundant. Despite that large chunk of Asian population have to face the problem of potable water access. Rain water harvesting during the monsoon has become fashion from the slums to riches of Bangladesh. So monsoon waters are life saving for many either.

Tourism during the season is quite low. But other advantages are the price of hotels and tour operators come to the lowest during this season. And the view across Asia, be it China, Cambodia, Nepal, Bangladesh or Pakistan has the best one to be offered as the rain washes the air and the abundant lush greenery is a picturesque view one can gather. The tourists are quite low during this time. Only few MICE types of tourists and other pilgrimage, Bol Bom and Kawad is one mass pilgrimage( considered as touristic activity) that occur annually during monsoon across Nepal and India. 

Noting the silver lining in the dark cloud, monsoon season has been an agonizing and appalling one yet appealing either. Asian Monsoon is just a time to watch out. In spite of the treacherous news and stories about the devastation that happens, this season is a lifeline for the people here either. The smiling sky and reflection of earth at the horizon is felt at it's best post monsoon and then the start of festivals joy and happiness all across Asia. Thus, life goes on!! 


Written by: Sagar Shrestha

Officer at Nepal Tourism Board