More skilled Manpower required for “Visit Nepal 2020”

28th Oct, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 28: Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education (Gate College) held the 8th graduation ceremony in Kathmandu, The expertise have stated that there is  the need of skilled educated  manpower in hotel management sector to have a grand success in inviting 2 million tourists in Visit Nepal 2020 campaign which is going to be operated in year 2020.  


Nepal government has targeted 2 million tourists in Nepal within 2020 and Lonely planet has mentioned Kathmandu among the list of the must visit cities of the world. International Tourism Educator Dr. Burnton Valvik said, "The Hilton Group is opening its new hotels all over the world and Likewise Hilton will opening its new branch in Nepal, and there will be demand for adequate skilled manpower."

Dr. Valvick said that there is an opportunity to create millions of employment opportunities for hotel management students within next 10 years.

 Patrick Skönberg said that there is the demand for skilled manpower all around the world and the skilled manpower produced here will not only useful for the country but also for abroad. Gate College expressed appreciation for providing international level tourism education in Nepal.

In the program, Founder and CEO of Gate College, Khem Lakae, emphasized that Gate College has been emphasizing the production of manpower capable of holding itself in the world tourism market past 11 years.

On the occasion, Head of Academic Council, Dr. Daljit Rao and Chairman of the gate management committee, Chij Kumar Shrestha, gave the information that the college is trying to provide international level hotel management education in Nepal.

According to the Gate College, a total of 97 students from 15th and 16th batches were awarded in the ceremony in 2018. Sweety Shrestha from 15th Batch and Rajmilan Poudel from 16th batch were awarded with award and certificates for achieving best results.

In Gate College, in addition to all the districts within Nepal, about 400 students from 19 countries have been successfully graduated in hotel management education