More than 40 Homestay to be established in Madi

11th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 11: Homestay is going to be added in Madi, Chitwan for the development of tourism. The chief of municipality, Thakur Dhakal said that Madi is important region for agricultural and tourism prospects thus it is necessary to construct more homestay in this region.

More than 40 homestay of indigenous communities will be made in Madi. The homestay will be constructed in such place where there is diversity in settlement and where there are more traditional and cultural values to attract tourists. This year home stay of Tharu, Bhote and Rai community will be established.

Dhakal said that municipality has separated 7.5 milllion rupees for establishing home stay and communities will also be contributing towards home stay and other organizations will also be supporting. Homestay of Magar community has also been established last year in which tourists enjoyed local foods of Magar community and their culture. the upcoming homestay will also be constructed in cultural style and will be serving to tourist in traditional ways