More tourists for Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017

8th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

SARAJEVO, Feb 07:  Bosnia and Herzegovina received 1,307,319 tourists in 2017, a 13.7 percent yearly increase, official data indicated Wednesday.
According to data from the national statistics agency, there were 2,677,125 overnight stays last year -- a 12.3 percent increase year on year.
Of the recorded overnight stays, foreign tourists accounted for 71.5 percent while domestic tourists accounted for the rest. Tourists from Croatia made up the biggest group -- 11.8 percent.
In terms of the length of stay, tourists from Malta stayed the longest with an average of 5.8 nights, followed by visitors from Kuwait and Ireland.
The capital, Sarajevo, is the most visited city, the data showed.
Tourism, one of the fastest growing sectors in the southeastern European country, brings in significant revenue.