Mountain museum draws attention of students and tourists

11th Jan, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, Jan 11: The mountain museum established by Nepal Mountaineering Association in Ratopairaha, Pokhara at the cost of around Rs 113.5 million is attracting large number of students. The museum established to provide information regarding mountain and other aspects related to it is increasingly luring national and international students.

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“Museum had come into operation since 2006, about 6 Lakhs 91 Thousand and 6 Hundred 44 students toured the museum with collection of over Rs. 2 Crore 13 Lakhs as revenue till the mid of November, 2016,” Coordinator of museum and first Vice President of Nepal Mountaineering Association, Santabir Lama informed.

“About 64 Thousand 4 Hundred and 66 students toured the museum in first five months of this fiscal year with collection of gross amount of about Rs. 27 Lakhs as revenue. But in last year at the same period of time only 10 Thousand 504 student’s visited the museum, reason is earthquake and the blockade,” he added.

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Museum has provided comprehensive information about total 1,913 high mountains including 14 peaks of Nepal with the height above 8000 meters, 40 peaks with the range of 7,500-7,999 meter and 503 summits from 6,000 to 6,999 meters which draws more attraction of students.

The items kept in the gallery are 500 to 1,500 years old. Various china items, metal weapons and wooden items used by locals are also on display. As Pokhara is Tourist destination for domestic and foreigners. Last October 11, that day museum got maximum number of students observer since its operation, about 3,827 have taken ticket among them 3253 are students and museum collects revenue RS2,05,800.