Mr Dowell's No.1 luxury Liquor now in Nepali market

12th Mar, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, March 12:  Nepal Liquor Company has launched a new brand Mr. Dowell's No. 1 Luxury in the market. Mr. Dowell's No.1 Luxury with the smoothest number one luxury tag has been available in the market from this year. The brand was unveiled during a program this week.

The brand is available in 750, 375, and 180 ml bottles. These brands are available at market prices of Rs. 920, 460 and 230 respectively, according to Nepal Liquor Pvt. Chairman of Nepal Liquor Pvt. Ltd. Rajesh Vir Singh Tuladhar said that Mr. Dowles Number One Luxury has been brought to the market with the objective of providing the taste of international brand to Nepali consumers at affordable prices.

Nepal Liquor Pvt. Ltd., which has been producing world famous brands, is popular among the consumers with brands like Antiquity, Signature, Royal Challenge, Blue Ribbon Gene.