Mt. Everest climbing is starting from next week

1st May, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, May 01: Climbers who have reached the summit in the spring are expected to start climbing the peak within a week. According to the latest weather update, the weather is forecast to be favorable in Everest from Friday to May 9 in the first phase. Mira Acharya, director of the tourism department, said that some Arohan teams would head towards Chuchuro as soon as possible. Now the climbers and their allies have almost reached the Everest base camp. She informed that she was in the process of reaching the liaison officer.

"According to the latest weather update, one week has been favorable," Acharya, who was on her way to the base camp, told online news. "This year, good news is coming from Mount Everest." This is the first ascent since 2019. The 2020 climbing season has been canceled by the government

More permits on Everest so far

According to the Department of Tourism, 408 climbers from 43 groups have taken permission to climb Mt. Everest till Friday. This is the largest number ever in a single season. This time 92 women have gone for Arohan. According to Rudra Singh Tamang, director general of the department, this time around 1,200 people, including climbers and their assistants and liaison officers, have reached the Everest base camp.

As of Friday, 742 climbers from 85 groups have taken permission to climb the mountain. Of these, 161 are women. Climbing permits have been issued for 16 mountains in Nepal this season. Of these, the highest number of permits has been issued in Everest. After Mt. Everest, 125 people have taken permission to climb Lhotse. According to the statistics of the department, 44 people have taken permission for Annapurna.

How is health vigilance adopted?

Before going to the base camp, all the climbers from abroad were staying in the hotel quarantine. Health workers have been deployed along the trekking route including the Everest base camp. According to the Department of Tourism, arrangements have been made to bring back the climbers of Altitude and Pneumonia to the hospital immediately. Even in the base camp, the climbers of one group do not come in contact with another group and even during the ascent, only up to 170 people can go on the ascent route at a time. For this, the department had made a circular a few days ago.