Muhan Pokhari: Becoming visitor's choice to have fun in summer (Photo Feature)

28th Jun, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

The number of domestic tourists visiting the waterfall of Muhan Pokhari on the border of Changunarayan Municipality-6 Nagarkot and Bageshwari-7 of Bhaktapur is increasing day by day.

After climbing the hill for 20-25 minutes from the Muhan Pokhari, you can reach another beautiful waterfall. Due to its proximity to the valley, it attracts a large number of domestic tourists on Saturdays and holidays. There is a crowd of people bathing in the waterfall all summer long and enjoying themselves by sprinkling water on each other.

It doesn't cost money to play with water in a Muhan Pokhari. The area has become a Mukan Pokhari from the name of an artificial pond built to supply drinking water to Bhaktapur in the Malla period. Muhan Pokhari is 20 km away from Kathmandu and the nearest reservoir area from Bhaktapur. From here, Nagarkot, Sudal, Nala, Shanga and Sankhu of Kathmandu can be reached.


Photo: Prashant Pradhan