Mustang receives 4000 tourists in a day

26th Oct, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

MUSTANG, Oct 26: Mustang has set a new example for receiving 4 thousand tourists in a single day. Four thousand internal tourists checked in to Jomsom on Tuesday. During Dashain many tourists visited Mustang.

As the Beni-Jomsom road is now open for public it has benefitted the local tourism of Mustang and it has become a major attraction for people. There should be a good promotion, transportation, security, conservation of natural resources and proper infrastructures to increase the flow of tourists.

Tourists are the good source of earning to the nation they can be either international or domestic. There should be proper development for increase in tourists. Sub inspector Dolendra Hamal stated that 36 buses, 370 jeeps, 727 motorcycles, and 2 jeeps reached there on Tuesday carrying altogether 3920 passengers.

The number of vehicles has increased rapidly from the past week. Internal tourists have been visiting to various places around the country. Himal said that Jomsom used to receive a dozen of vehicles a day but now it receives thousands. He said it was challenging to settle down all these hustle and bustle.

Hundreds of internal tourists have been enjoying their Dashain vacation in Mustang. They say it was a really difficult job to manage the place. They say that the season has come when the tourists come to Nepal and enjoy. They say that it is the season for arrival of tourists too.