My Bhimdhunga My Pride

23rd Mar, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

Bhimdhunga is a small village which is situated in Nagarjun Municipality Ward Number 08 of Bagmati Province. It is 6Km far from Sitapaila Chowk. It takes 30 to 45 minutes by public vehicles and 15 to 20 minutes by Motorcycle to reach there. The village is surrounded by Green forest and different religious and historical place like Bhimsensthan Temple, Switzerland Park, Pakhure fedi, Indradaha, Namtudhara, Mahankal Mandir, Dibyeshwor Mahadev Mandir (Temple), Mahesh Narayanthan Temple and Holy Cave and many more. Some of the name of neighboring villages of Bhimdhunga is Dandagaun, Khatrigaun and Ramkot.

According to the census of 2011 the total number of population is 2,915 and the number of households is 619. People from different caste like Bahun, Chhetri, Giri, Puri, Tamang and Newar live in this village. The people celebrate different festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Holi, Christmas and people of this village follow different religion like Hindu, Buddhist and Christain.

Some of the beautiful places like Ghattekhola, Thaple, Bhirkot, Majuwa can be taken as the tourist attraction place for Bhimdhunga from where local people as well as people who come here to visit can get chance to view the sightseeing of different places like Mountain, Kathmandu valley and Hills of different place. Due to the availability facility of Home stay in Thaple, we can get chance to taste the local foods like Dhindo, Gundruk, Chhyang and can get facility of staying in home stay in reasonable price.

While talking about the health and education situation of Bhimdhunga there is one health post called Bhimdhunga Health post which provides different health facilities to the people of Bhimdhunga. Likewise the name of Private and Government School situated in Bhimdhiunga are Shree Navin Jyoti English School and Shree BalBodh Secondary School (Up to class 10) and Shree Bhimdhunga Lower Secondary School (Up to class 8).  

Ward office of Ward Number 08 of Nagarjun Municipality also located in Bhimdhunga, which provides different governmental related facilities to the people of Bhimdhunga and different programmes are also conducted and organized by ward office for the betterment of people. The different types of facilities available in ward office are Birth registration, Death registration, Migration registration, Marriage registration and others.

There is one police station near Bhimdhunga Bus Park which name is Bhimdhunga Police station which helps to control different cases.  
Agriculture is the main economic source of people of Bhimdhunga. But now people involved in other professions like Teacher, Business and some people run their own business in their own house like Teashop, Tailoring, Fancy shop Khajaghar and street food café which helps to improve the living standard of people and which helps to earn some money to run daily life and to fulfill the basic needs of people. 

While talking about the financial institutions of Bhimdhunga the name of financial institutions which works in the sector of Money and credit transaction are Hamro Janathaili Saving and credit Co-Operative limited and Bhimdhunga Krishi Sahakari (Co-operative) which provides loan to local people to run business and other works in a suitable interest. Except financial institution some micro finance which belongs to the category of ‘D’ class works in the sectors of saving and credit.

Some of the name of religious place and historical place with short elaboration are as follows:

Bhimsensthan Temple (Mandir): This temple is one of the famous temples of Bhimdhunga which has its own unique history and importance. According to the religious belief the God Bhim came in this place to visit. He used to visit this place by his own Boat in a small pond, when he finished his journey by boat in a pond and taking some rest during that time he lost his boat and after that the place is called Bhimdhunga. During the month of Magh or Falgun (Bhima Ekadashi) a fare called Bhimsen Jatra is held in this temple where local people mainly worshipped in this temple by following Newari culture. Pilgrims from different place come in this temple for visit and for Worship.

Switzerland Park: This is also another famous Place of Bhimdhunga. It lies in the neighboring Municipality called Chandragiri Municipality. The people from different place come in this place for refreshment, to remove stress, and to utilize free time. The facility of drinking water and electricity also available in this place during the time of Picnic.

Indradaha: Indradaha is also another one of the famous religious place of Bhimdhunga which helps to spread the name of Bhimdhunga in different places. During the time of  Bhadra a famous fare is held in this temple called IndraJatra from where different pilgrims from different place come in this place for visit and to take bath in a pond called Indradaha. There is one religious belief that if we bath in Indradaha we can get rid of  our sins.
Namtudhara: This tap has its own religious beliefs like other historical places. It takes nearly 5minutes by walking to reach in this tap from Bhimdhunga Buspark. This tap helps to make the life of people easier during the time of shortage of drinking water in Bhimdhunga. The people can use this tap for taking Sour and for washing Clothes.  

We can see that slowly and gradually the development work like construction of road and drinking water is running smoothly day by day which is bringing happiness in the life of people of Bhimdhunga which is also spreading the positive message to the people of other places and other Municipality also. 

Anil Lama, 
Nagarjun Municipality, 
Ward Number 08,
 Bhimdhunga, Kathmandu, Nepal