Myagdi hot springs out in the cold for lack of proper management

25th Jun, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

MYAGDI, June 25: There are many natural hot springs in Myagdi district including in Beni Municipality. But these hot springs are not getting the due attention for conservation that they should.

Altogether nine major hot springs in the district are in a state of neglect due to lack of proper preservation and management measures.

These hot springs include the five hot springs gushing out on the bank of the Myagdi River at Singa Tatopani in Beni Municipality-4 and the Bhurung Tatopani hot spring at Annapurna Rural Municipality, the Mudi Bagar hot spring at Dhaulagiri Rural Municipality, the Bhale Basne Tal, a hot spring pond, at Histan of Malika Rural Municipality, and another hot spring located on the bank of the Kaligandaki River at Dana.

Although 14 hot springs have been identified at different locations throughout the Myagdi district, no efforts have been made from any sides – local level or the district authorities – for their preservation and better management.

A lot of people including foreign tourists undertaking the Round-Annapurna and Round-Dhaulagiri trek could benefited if suitable structures could be constructed at these locations where the hot springs occur, thereby contributing to the tourism revenue.

President of the Singa Tatopani Pond Management Committee, Birendra Man Shakya, said these hot springs which produce water with over 50 degrees Celsius heat needed to be harnessed whether for heating or other purposes.

The water coming from these hot springs is also known to have properties that can cure many diseases.

One of the many hot springs in the district, the Tatopani hot spring at Beni Municipality-4, has been protected and developed into a hot water bathing hotspot. As many as 20 thousand people including patients suffering from various ailments visit this pond annually for taking bath.

This hot water pond has become popular bathing place for people suffering from rheumatism, gastritis, skin diseases and paralysis for its healing properties.