Nabil Investment Banking brings new facility for investors

14th Jan, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 14: Nabil Investment Banking Limited has launched Infinitive Portfolio Management Service targeting investors who want to enter the stock market on the occasion of the English New Year 2022. Investors receiving this service will pay only Rs. Only 2022 will have to pay a limited fee.

Investors will not have to pay any other fees and charges for availing this non-disciplinary investment management service. In this investment management service, efficient portfolio analyst and in-depth analysis, based on the research, the market fluctuations will be taken into consideration and the purchase or sale will be recommended to the investor and the work will be done according to the order given by the investor. No fees or charges will be levied on the profit on the amount invested despite the management and the profit amount other than the invested amount can be withdrawn from the market at any time if desired. Investors wishing to enter the service can do so by valuing their cash or shares.

Investors who have taken full advantage of the various schemes operated by this company in the past and those who want to make a new investment will be given this facility only for a limited period i.e. for the month of January 2022.