NAC brings aggressive marketing policy

3rd Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 03: Nepal Airlines Corporation has started aggressive marketing policies after buying two wide-body aircraft. As the two new ships are flying in the same old destinations, the corporation has started to reduce the price of the flights. The corporation has been selling two way ticket to Doha at 18,000 rupees as promotional fare. Additional 14,600 rupees is added for tax. A person can travel Kathmandu- Doha- Kathmandu on 32,600 rupees altogether.

Director of the Corporation, Sugat Ratna Kansakar said that they have brought this scheme of promotional fare in order to have aggressive promotion. Currently, a one-way ticket costs 18,266 rupees including tax. This amount is comparatively less for the visitors visiting Doha for work or to travel.

He said that the corporation holds around 11% of the international market share and they have to promote more to have a better place in international market. The corporation has taken 24 billion loan to buy two ships. Among two ships one of them has already started its flight to Doha. Himalaya Airlines charges 38,500 rupees for two-way flight. The cost of travelling in business class from NAC is also comparatively low. It costs around 78,602 rupees while travelling in business class whereas Himalayan Airlines charges 81,500 rupees.