NAC claims to save up to 2.17 billion rupees this fiscal year

6th Nov, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 06: Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has claimed that they will save Rs 2.17 billion in a year by using various measures. Executive Chairman  of NAC, Madan Kharel said that they are trying to save the money through cost reduction and destination expansion. During fiscal year 2017/18 NAC was able to save up to 1 billion 690 million rupees.

According to Kharel, arrangements have been made to prevent the ship from carrying additional fuel. This could help reduce the price of the kit. On the other hand, expenditure was also deducted through root management, he said. “Through the engineering department, a lot of work is now being done through manpower of the nation. It has also played a great role in reducing cost, ”he said. Kharel said that the flight to Japan was on the way to profit and the corporation flew to other destinations.

'We are working honestly and have controlled the spending,' he said. Japan's Narita, Saudi Arabia's Riyadh and China's Guangzhou flights are set for next March. "He said that despite all preparations on his behalf, the flight was delayed from the other sides. He  also mentioned that the corporation is ready to fly after receiving the permission.

The NAC also claims to be Nepal's airline for carrying highest number of passengers in 2019.