NAC consultant suggests to sell Boeing 757 at 62 crore

2nd Nov, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 02: As per the evaluation report prepared by the Fintech consultant company of Nepal Air Corportation, the only left Boeing 757 ‘9N-ACB’ can be sold at the maximum value of Nrs 62.09 crore and minimum value of Nrs 50.8 crore. Nepal Airlines’ only left vintage Boeing 757 ‘9N-ACB’ Gandaki can be sold at the rate of Nrs 62 crore as per the inspection report presented from the consultant company from Singapore.

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) bought two Boeing 757s in 1987 from an American Company and then operated it for more than 30 years. Out of two 757, one with registration ‘9N-ACA’ named as  Karnali has already been sold to BB Airways.

The corporation has planned to call for a global tender to sell its aircraft within 2019. “It is very expensive to repair Boeing as it is very old aircraft. So we have decided to sell it,” NAC officials said.
When the Boeing 757 ‘9N-ACB’, the last Boeing aircraft of NAC, gets sold, it will mark the end of the Boeing era in Nepal that began nearly five decades ago.

Three international companies: Flight global of Singapore, FinTech of Switzerland and International aviation group of UK had submitted the proposal for evaluating the last Boeing with the corporation.

Fintech Company’s expert team from Switzerland had arrived Nepal to evaluate the Boeing 757 aircraft of the corporation. The company was provided 45 days for the necessary evaluation process.

NAC is phasing out Boeing aircraft and slowly procuring Airbus aircraft. At present, NAC operates international flight operation with 5 aircraft (2 Airbus A320, 2 Airbus A330 and a Boeing 757). Besides, the corporation is also planning to procure A320 neos.