NAC hiring Chinese pilots to operate Y 12 aircraft

13th Mar, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Mar 13: Chinese pilots to be hired by Nepal Airlines to operate its Y 12 aircraft have demanded to be paid $9000 per month, said NAC General Manager Sugatratna Kansakar. NAC had sought to hire Chinese pilots to fulfil a shortage of pilots to operate its Y 12 aircraft.
"Although we are in talks with 3 pilots, only 2 have shown interest in the job," he said, "we have requested certificates of the interested pilots." NAC has requested the pilots to take the job for $7000 per month. Kansakar states that the Corporation has been paying its foreign Airbus pilots between 10 to 11 thousand dollars per month.
The Corporation will submit application to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal for hiring the Chinese pilots after receiving the pilots' certificates. NAC currently has only 2 pilots to operate four Y 12 airplanes.