NAC issues White paper, Urges government to provide financial support

16th Nov, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 16: Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) issued a white paper on Thursday in which they stated the current status of their economic condition and they also urged the government to provide the financial support to NAC.

Madan Kharel, Executive Chairman of NAC stated that NAC has been facing major financial obligation and asked for the financial support from the government, He also informed that NAC will be conducting various programs within 2 months of time and in the press meeting he clarified about all the information related to NAC that has been passed out.

It is included in the white paper that the economic condition of NAC has been deteriorated after the purchase of white body aircraft, due to the frequent grounding of the aircrafts NAC has been facing huge financial crisis during the operation of the aircrafts.” The aircrafts will fly to China, Saudi Arabia and Korea in four months,” Kharel added. He also stressed the need to purchase other necessary equipments to make NAC service effective.