NAC to add aircraft but lacking pilot

25th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 25: Nepal Airlines has completed all the documentations to bring in new wide-body Airbus named Makalu. The aircraft will be brought to Nepal on July 27. Currently, the Airbus is in France for test flights. Minister of Aviation Rabindra Adhikari said that they have completed all the documentations for bringing the airbus of call sign 9N- ALJ. The ship has 274 seats among which 18 seats are Shangri-La “Business Class” and 256 are normal. Recently, the corporation brought another wide-body aircraft named Annapurna to Nepal on June 28.

Due to the lack of pilots the NAC is unable to operate the flights properly. The first wide-body is to be operated by foreign pilot Charles Fransico and Nepali Shrawan Rijal.  Now the corporation will have 4 airbus all together.The corporation needs 116 pilots for 13 airplanes but the corporation has only 88 pilots. The corporation is planning to hire new pilots from national as well as international level. Altogether there are only 6 pilots for the second wide-body aircraft for now.