NAC to expand flights to boost tourism

10th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 10 : With the arrival of news aircrafts, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has planned to expand its service to boost tourism.

NAC brought first wide bodied aircraft on June 28. Within three weeks, there will be another plane of the same size.

Two wide bodied and two narrow bodied airplanes would be for international flights and tourism promotion.

NAC General Manager Sugat Ratna Kansakar shared the government and tourism entrepreneurs have placed hope on NAC that it would play important role on making the Visit Year successful. The government targets to bring in two million tourists by marking 2020 as the Visit Nepal Year.

“NAC’s planes will conduct flights to Europe and the US. Other Asian destinations and the neighbouring countries will obviously be linked,” he said, adding that NAC flights are conducted in every destination with airports.

The new airplanes would make flights to 11 destinations. Both the wide bodied and narrow bodied aircrafts would reach the major destinations.

Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia will be new international destinations. NAC has however planned to conducts flights to various cities of India, China, and Myanmar and Vietnam.

During a press meet organized here to inform about NAC plans, it was informed that NAC was short of pilots. Currently, there are 88 pilots, and with the operation of new planes, a total of 116 pilots are required.

It has however planned to bring foreign pilots in contract. A pilot is provided Rs 1.2 million for domestic flights per month while Rs 1.8 million for those making international flights.