NAC to sell Boeing airship

23rd Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 23: Nepal Airlines is going to sell its Boeing 757 aircraft. The corporation has already fulfilled the required procedures and has given the flight to the company of Singapore for further requirements. The selling price has not been decided yet, after the fixation of price the company will further look at the required procedure said Sugat Ratna Kansakar, Director of the Corporation.

The corporation has decided to sell the Boeing as the company holds more Airbus rather than Boeing and it will be easier to manage same kind of airships. According to the international tradition, many companies have similar types of airship whereas some of companies have been operating both Airbus and Boeing. According to Kansakar, having similar types of airship is more profitable rather than having different type of airbus.

Nepal Air Corporation, which was established 60 years ago was considered as one of the best airlines of South Asia. The airline has 21 ships including national and international ships. Currently, the airlines have only 13 ships. Last year, the company sold its Boeing to BB Airways.

The corporation has recently bought Airbus 330-220. Within few days company is planning to buy new Airbus. The company is planning to operate long distance flights from these two ships. The company has 2 Narrow body and Boeing by which the company will be operating flights to India and other 8 destinations. The company has already completed the documentation process said Kansakar. He further added that the company has plans to buy two new ships to fly in India in China by 2019.