NAC's Boeing 757 C undergoing check

4th Jul, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 4 : After being grounded for about 10 days Nepal's national flag carrier's Boeing 757 ‘9N-ACB’ is undergoing check after a team from Singapore arrives.

NAC has acknowledged that a technical glitch in the engine of the plane forced it to be grounded.

The NAC's engineering departs officials informed that about the crack in the engine of the plane which is under full inspection.

“A team of engineers from Singapore Technology (ST) Aerospace and Nepal Airlines are jointly working to repair the faulty aircraft. Engineers are trying their best to complete the maintenance work as soon as possible.” Spokesperson for NAC Rabindra Shrestha said. The Boeing 757 ‘9N-ACB’ will depart to Singapore by this month for C-Check, he added.

C-Check is the advanced maintenance check requiring a majority of the aircraft’s components to be inspected. It is performed approximately every 20-24 months or a specific amount of actual flight hours or as per the requirement details from the manufacturer. Due to the complexity of C-check, it is carried out in a hangar at a maintenance base having huge space.

Due to the occasional grounding of Boeing 757, NAC’s international flight is being disturbed and the pressure is building upon its two Airbus A320s. Moreover, the C-Check of Boeing 757 requires a minimum of 2 weeks for the completion so, the corporation is trying to wet lease one A319/A320/A321 aircraft for a maximum of 60 days to enhance its international flight and release pressure on its two Airbus A320s.