NAC's Grounded Airbus being ferried to Singapore

7th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Feb 07: The grounded Airbus A320 ‘9N-AKW’ is being ferried from Delhi to Singapore for the maintenance of its damaged engine. The aircraft belonging to Nepal Airlines had been grounded at Indira Gandhi International Airport since 25th December following a technical glitch on one engine.

The aircraft will depart Singapore by Thursday as a ferry flight for which NAC has already gained permit. NAC will use one engine in lease for ‘9N-AKW’ until its faulty engine gets repaired. NAC has chosen International Aero Engines (IAE) which will provide the engine on lease and also will repair the faulty one.

The aircraft will be in operation soon as the replacement of engine doesn’t take long time but the repairing of faulty engine will require considerable time, said NAC spokesperson Rabindra Shrestha. The corporation will lease the engine for approximately Rs. 2 million per month.

The corporation is bearing hefty loss due to the absence of ‘9N-AKW’. The corporation is reportedly bearing a loss of around Rs. 100 million per month. The figure has been computed on the basis of the estimated annual income of Rs. 1.2 billion for each of NAC’s aircraft. So, the rapid maintenance of the faulty engine is desperate in order to reduce loss for NAC.