Najarpur villages gets identified as suitable tourism destination

29th Jan, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, 29 JAN: Ramanaresh Rai Yadav, Minister of State for Tourism of State 2, after the visit of Nijananda Dham said that this place can be developed as a tourist destination of Rautahat as it is a unique place.

Inaugurating the workshop on tourism development and feasibility of Rautahat district organized by Rautahat District Tourism Development and Feasibility Office, at Nijanandham Dham, Najarpur in Chandrapur-9, Minister of State Tourism of State 2, Yadav said that if there is a village like Najarpur at every local level, tourism development in the state will be supported.

Minister Yadav said that the state and local government have a role to play in making the tourism year successful. Stating that the state government does not have concrete information about the major tourist destinations, he stressed on the availability of humanitarian services and facilities in the tourism sector. He also mentioned that state government is working hard for the development of tourism, and all should cooperate to bring tourists together.

Addressing a program attended by most local level chiefs, deputy chiefs and representatives of the district, Parliamentarian Dhanlal Thokar said that he would not indulge in any effort for the development of tourism. The coordinator of the committee, Udayanarayan Sapkota, presented the concept of Rautahat's major tourist center and tourism development.