Namaste Waterfall closed to the public after accident

28th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

DHANKUTA, July 28: The popular tourist destination in Dhankuta, Namaste Waterfall, has been closed to the public since the past 1 month after a person died at the location having beenĀ  hit in the head with a rock that fell from the waterfall.

Tourists from the Terai and India have been returning dissapointed as the waterfall stays closed. Hundreds of tourists flocked the waterfall everyday to enjoy its cool waters and view. President of the Waterfall Management Committee Dilip Subba said that the waterfall has been shut to create safety nets around the dangerous parts of the waterfall, preventing rocks from falling to the bottom.

Locals and local hotel owners have been demanding that the Namaste Waterfall be open to the public once more.