Narayanhiti Royal Palace

24th Sep, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew


[caption id="attachment_568" align="alignleft" width="150"]ronisha_bhadel_tourism_mail Ronisha Bhadel Class: 8 Intensive International Academy & College Soalteemode[/caption]

Narayanhiti Museum, the then Royal Palace is a place most to visit. As one enters the palace, he/she can see a large skin of tiger lying on the floor. The rooms and halls of this palace, museum are named after the districts of Nepal and the main entrances of this palace was very much bigger. There were more than 50 rooms we started to visit the palace. First we went to a room. That was tea room where the guests were kept and served the tea and snacks.

After coming out we saw the big pictures of the kings on of the wall. Then after we saw much rooms where the guest like kings and queens of other countries had stayed. All the room was looked beautiful and comfortable.


The palace was divided into three wings i.e. the state wing where all the official works were done, the right wing is the private zone including kings and queens clamber, dining hall and private rest room. The one of room where king sits with his minister was really amazing. It was 20ft long hall, an impressive example of nepali wood works and artistry.

The entire palace occupies total land of 7 hundred and 53 ropani. Behind the palace there is a beautiful garden, so beautiful. There were many things like duck pond, a huge fountain and rare species of plants and trees. The background of the palace was filled by water fountain, duck pond, green house, rotating shade, rounded house, temple of goddess saraswati, snake pond, statues and sculptures and there was also the bullets in the wall by which king and his family the royal family were killed. They all were killed in the same place.