Naselung hilltop to get Viewing tower

6th Jan, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

MORANG, Jan 6: The locals have come together in order to promote Naselung hilltop located at Tandi – 2 of Morang as a tourist destination.


Naselung Tourism Area Conservation Committee Chairman, Khagendramaden Limbu, said a 50-metre tall observation tower will be constructed at the Naselung hilltop as part of the tourism promotion campaign.

Member of Parliament (MP), Dig Bahadur Limbu, has donated one million rupees from the Constituency Development Fund while the VDC has allocated Rs 200,000 for the purpose.

The Naselung hill offers a splendid and uninterrupted view of the lower plains of Tarai including Avala Madhumalla, Urlabari and the Damak chowk.

Local, Arjun Singh Lingden, shared that Naselung is a word from the Limbu language and means 'milestone'.