National Initiative for Globalization of Nepali Cuisines for attracting foreign tourists

27th Oct, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 27 : Entrepreneurs have said that more and more foreign tourists could be attracted through promotion of Nepali authentic cuisine in international arena.

They said that the National Initiative for Globalization of Nepali Cuisine, launched with an objective of attracting tourists by globalizing Nepali indigenous Cuisine, could establish new identity in the international arena.

Restaurants and Bar Association of Nepal (REBAN) and Chefs Association of Nepal have launched the initiative under the coordination of Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN).

The campaign was launched at the main initiation of senior tourism entrepreneur Karna Shakya where Nepal's renowned chefs, food technologists and dieticians, among others have participated.

An expo of different indigenous food items was organised at the premises of 'Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management' at Lainchour of Wednesday evening in this connection. A total of 26 types of indigenous food items prepared by professional chefs were put on display.

HAN General Secretary Binayek Shah said that the initiative was launched with an objective of attracting more and more foreign tourists by globalization of Nepali cuisines.

Saying food is directly related to lifestyle, culture, festival, geography, nature and climate, the campaign claimed that tourists can explore lifestyle of Nepalis through food, thus helping in tourism development.

The drive aims to make Nepali identity known to the world through hotels and restaurants already established by Nepalis around the world serving Nepali dishes, said entrepreneur Karna Shakya. On the second day of the campaign, Food Festival will be organised with the aim to internationalise Nepali original food, he said. The programme was attended by representatives of governmental and private organisations related to tourism sector and media persons.