National Paddy Day celebrated by cultivating paddy and spreading joy (Photo Feature)

30th Jun, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

Asar 15 was celebrated across the country on Tuesday. Asar 15 is also celebrated as National Paddy Day. Asar 15 is considered as the festival of eating curd bitten rice in Nepali society. The National Paddy Day has been celebrated since 15th of Asar 2062 BS by a ministerial decision on 6th December, 2061 BS.

Farmers are busy this month gathering food for the whole year. Nowadays, paddy is planted in the mud in 'Asare Vaka' while singing Lok Dohori. During this time of mid-summer, young sticks and young planters entertain themselves by spreading mud in the fields. There is a belief in Nepali society that one has to enter the mud once in June.

Farmers of Tinpiple in Kathmandu have completed the planting on Tuesday. The women sang Asare songs. After planting, they had curd, bitten rice and a feast.

Photo: Bivas Shrestha