Nearly three lakh foreign tourists visited nepal in seven months

4th Aug, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 04: In the seven months of 2022, nearly three lakh foreign tourists have visited Nepal.

Citing the  Department of Immigration, according to the data provided by the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), 285,363 foreign tourists visited Nepal by air from January to July.

In the month of July 2022, 44 thousand 462 tourists have come to visit Nepal.

Earlier in June, 47 thousand 957 tourists came to visit.

Compared to the month of June, the number of tourists visiting Nepal has decreased by 3,400 in July.

However, in this season, the number of tourists coming to Nepal for visiting has decreased in previous years as well, according to the Tourism Board.

The NTB has been conducting various programs especially targeting India and Bangladesh. According to which, the number of tourists visiting Nepal from those countries is good.

Similarly, with the opening of the Nepal-China flight which was stopped due to Covid, the number of visitors from China has increased.

In June, 451 people came from China, and in July, that number increased to 1,050. Along with this, in the seven months of 2022, 282,116 tourists have come to Nepal.
According to the data, 17 thousand 299 tourists have come from India the most.

Similarly, 5 thousand 228 tourists came from America, 3 thousand 953 from Britain, 1 thousand 876 from Bangladesh, 1 thousand 593 from China, 1 thousand 148 from Australia.

According to the tourism board, the number of tourists has recovered by 76 percent compared to the year 2019 before the covid pandemic.