Nepal advances with re-measuring of the Mount Everest, Team of three heads for the peak

3rd Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

SOLUKHUMBU, Nov. 3: Nepal has advanced ahead with the attempt of re-measuring the world’s highest peak, the Mount Everest after the suspicion over leveling down of the peak was made after the 2015’s earthquake.

The Survey Department of Nepal has sent a team of three members off to the Everest in a bid to know the fact which it never had done before.

The team which arrived here on 24th of October is in bid to search the points which the Indian surveyor team made some 60 years before. It is said that the points were made in eight places of Solukhumbu, two- two places of Khotang and Dolakha.

The team has identified the four points in Solukhumbu and is searching for the remaining.

Nepal has started the bid to re-measure the Everest and find the actual height within two years.

The height of world’s highest peak was measured by Indian team some 60 years before and was not followed thereafter but the earthquake of 2015 raised suspicion and claims that the height has decreased slightly by some meters.

Nepal will spot eight leveling in twelve points and place a GPS survey atop Mount Everest and then re-measure the height. The Survey Department of the country has prepared the draft to undertake the procedure.

Once the preliminary report is prepared then it will be endorsed by the surveyors and the experts in various International Arenas and then the actual task will start.

The latest survey made by the Indian Counterpart gave the result that the height of Mt. Everest is 8,8848 meters.