Nepal Airline's Business Surges: Carries 431 Thousand Passengers with over 3000 flights

18th Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, August 18 : Nepal's national carrier's business has surged last fiscal year as it provides service to 4 Hundred 21 Thousand 9 Hundred 27 passengers. It completed 3 Thousand 3 hundred 58 flights, exceeding the number of service to the passenger is more by 77 thousand 3 Hundred and 87 in comparison to previous fiscal year.

In previous fiscal year the Airlines has provided service to 3 Hundred 44 Thousand 5 Hundred and 40 passengers with 2 Thousand 7 Hundred and 36 flights.

3 years before it provided service to 2 Hundred 19 Thousand passengers with 1 Thousand 5 Hundred ad 59 flights. The number of passengers whom the airlines provided service is double than that of 3 years before.

The Airlines has claimed that the surge in the number of passengers is the result of the arrival of two narrow-body aircraft which it purchased after 27 years Managing Director Sugat Ratna Kansakar said. In 2016, Nepal Airlines toppled other 26 airlines to reach atop.

"This year also NAC will make to the top of list. After the arrival of wide body the number of passengers travelling via air route will increase," Kansakar said.

Nepal's national flag carrier which is often criticized for the gross loss is increasing subsequently as it claims the 12% of the market share from 5% after the adding of 2 wide bodies it has expected a 5% rise to 17%.