Nepal Airlines cannot operate on current model: Finance Secretary Marasini

15th Jan, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 15: Secretary at the Ministry of Finance Madhu Kumar Marasini has said that Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) cannot operate the current model.

In a discussion held at the Parliamentary Committee on International Relations on Monday, Finance Secretary Marasini said that the Nepal Airlines Corporation will not be able to function properly unless it adopts an alternative model. "Show it by reforming as soon as possible," he said.

Secretary Marasini said that the corporation has the option to improve the management and operate in the company model. Stating that the government could not provide additional budget to the NAC in the current situation, he said that the new management should bring a plan to strengthen the organization.

"If the NAC does not have 100% ownership of the ground handling, it will not be able to pay the salary," he said.

Stating that the liability has reached Rs 47 billion including the purchase of Employees Provident Fund, Citizen Investment Trust and Chinese planes, Finance Secretary Marasini said that there is no possibility of immediate additional investment in the NAC.

He reminded that the decision to purchase the planes was taken by the Council of Ministers with the consent of the Ministry of Finance in the past. "Didn't everyone agree on the business plan of Nepal Airlines when buying a widebody aircraft?" It cannot be ignored, "he said.

Finance Secretary Marasini called on the people not to forget the global impact of the Corona pandemic on the airline's business.