Nepal Airlines facing dual costs for grounded Chinese aircraft

4th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 04: Nepal Airlines has been carrying the loan for Chinese aircraft purchased some time back, despite the aircraft staying grounded due to various reasons. The NAC had purchased 6 Chinese aircraft, of which 2 were brought from donations while 4 were purchased through loans.

Due to a lack of pilots to operate the aircraft, and a shortage of necessary parts, the Chinese aircraft have been grounded more often than not. Due to this, the NAC has been facing the loss of not operating the aircraft and at the same time is facing the loans as well.

The corporation had purchased four Y 12 Series aircraft and two MA 60 Series aircraft from the Chinese company Harbin Aircraft Group. Two of the Y 12 Series aircraft have not been used for flights yet. The corporation had taken a loan of 1 billion and 650 million for the MA 60 and 472.7 million each for 3 Y 12 aircraft.

Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Suresh Acharya, said that it is high time some solution be brought up for the issue, as Nepal Airlines is facing the dual costs of operation losses as well as the loans.